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Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday! I've been very inactive on dA and I haven't really been posting much here, so I appreciate your well wishes a lot -- thank you for remembering me. I'll see if I can get the motivation to come back here again.

Find me elsewhere instead!

Tumblr: [art] / [personal] / [roleplay] (all slightly inactive)
Instagram: [misc]
Twitter: [misc]


Just as a note -- Though I didn't make it to the last MCM Expo, I will also no longer be attending this event either as a cosplayer or as an artist. I would appreciate it if you would go through and sign this petition about creating a more welcoming artist alley for crafters and artists who don't draw comics. Sadly, until this changes and MCM starts to promote fellowship between creators I don't feel it is the place for me - whether I am cosplaying or drawing, I don't feel welcome or appreciated.

I draw as a hobby, I cosplay to have fun. I'm tired of senseless competition and finger pointing. The only event I plan to attend in the UK going forward is Hyper Japan. I'll see you there!


In other news, I'm about to head off to Finland to see Sandriz for 3 weeks :heart: 
I'll be attending Tracon in September as Kurapika and Gon from Hunter x Hunter!
Unfortunately Cagepon and I didn't manage to get a comic alley table for MCM London in May (we were both on lunch breaks when sign ups went up so we were late by about half an hour ;_;; alas.) I likely won't be going as a regular customer for Various Reasons, but I may drop by outside to say hello to a few people on one of the days. Instead we're going to do our best to work towards Hyper Japan! 

In the meantime, much of my recent art is not appropriate to post here so find me on Tumblr or Instagram if you like and say hello! If it isn't obvious, I'm suddenly very into Hunter x Hunter these days! (I'm also watching Yuri Kuma Arashi, Love Live and the new Precure - !! ) 

Hope to see you guys around again soon :> 


Cagepon and I will be at MCM Expo again! We have some new merch and illustrations to share with you guys, so please come by and say hello :> 

Click here for pictures of merch and photos of us and our table last May. :'> 

I'll update this when we know what our table number/area is for this October. 




As an aside, I'm taking part in Goretober and Inktober over on my Instagram. I post compilations of my drawings on Tumblr occasionally here. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the drawings can be quite upsetting (especially since this is a gore challenge) so I ask you not to click if you think you may be in any way disturbed by such content.

If I manage to get them scanned, a few of the less intense drawings may make it to our table as prints, haha.. 
I'll be going to Hyper Japan this July! Unfortunately, cagepon can't make it in person but I'll be selling her work at the table for her so please come check us out ;w; 

The setup will be similar to Expo where I'll be doing commissions as well as selling our artwork, comics and merch.

I'll also be promoting Lemon Project and giving out business cards again. 

I'll be cosplaying Gou (Free!) on Friday, Cure Princess (HachaPre) on Saturday and Ayano (Kagepro) on Sunday!

In terms of quality of product, Lucaille is great, but I have now had some pretty severe problems with the seller.

I don’t want to waffle on too long but basically, I spent roughly around $55 on wigs with Lucaille that did not arrive. I informed them of this in good faith and the seller stalled in emails claiming gmail problems and protests (please wait ten more days) etc. until the 45 day paypal period to claim was over. I believed this because there were problems in China with the post at this time but they immediately stopped responding to my emails as soon as 45 days were up, it seems to me now that they were quite deliberately scamming me out of my money, or simply no longer cared about me as I couldn't do anything any more.

It might be a good idea to avoid Lucaille and please signal boost this/repost it if you can, I don’t want people to get ripped off as well - if you do have to buy from this shop and see them using this tactic file a paypal complaint immediately.

Note: Since I told her that I was planning to post on social media she replied to me (around two weeks after the 45 day paypal deadline), but she is still not offering reparations, saying that it is not her problem - (see this link for a screenshot) I placed the order on the 24th of APRIL and I believe that even if I admit that there are reasons for such a long delay, the way they have treated me by ignoring my queries is not reasonable at all.

ps if anyone can write Chinese, I'm looking for someone to help me translate a reply to the above email ;; I'd be really grateful for any help anyone can provide...

{edit} I found someone-- don't worry! I'll keep this journal updated;;

I have Posted On Tumblr so please reblog and share this.

If you check my Lucaille Tag" on tumblr you can see more information.

Our table at expo is CF7! 

Here is a Map and here is a Slightly Closer Map.

Come find out more about Lemon Project by Route/0 (Storybeam) and buy keychains and other miscellaneous fan-merch by cagepon and I! I'll also have copies of Carmen and Leandra to sell, if you're interested in lady thieves chasing each other through the streets of venice. 

I'm going to be cosplaying Mako from Kill La Kill on Saturday (cagepon will be my Ryuko!) and Homura on Sunday (cagepon will be Madoka!). I hope I don't boil to death......... I'm not sure what we'll do on Friday yet, we'll see. 

More sample Images and stuff on tumblr here!
It seems cagepon, TinyRavenPoe and I have a table at MCM Expo! 
I'm not sure if celeyo can join us orz i have to check later

I'll release table details when I have them.

Besides selling prints and comics, I'll also be helping to promote Lemon Project at expo! It's an independent game I'm helping to work on, and it will be released for Android in Summer this year, with iOS to follow later on. At the moment you can download the PC/Mac demo here (please read the opening notes)

We'll be giving away a chance to win Lemon Project prizes when people sign up for the mailing list, so hopefully I'll be seeing you there! :D
I forgot to post for both Christmas and New Year, and now CNY has passed!
I hope you all had a great festive season and all the best for a prosperous lucky year to come! :> 

Just a quick query - 
The last time I tried to print something, I tried to do it at home and it was pretty inefficient, so I'm looking for a cheapish place to print comics in the UK.
I'm pretty new to this so I don't want anything fancy - does anyone have any recommendations? 
Went to EOY in Singapore last Sunday as Kanade from Suite Precure!
It was held at Marina Barrage - I've never experienced an outdoor con here before so the temperature took me by surprise. Thank god there were water fountains and an AC area to walk around in, though we weren't supposed to stay in there for long ;; Dx 
Next time I might try to avoid outdoor cons and/or pick an even lighter costume -- most of my costumes were made with UK weather in mind so I really don't have many that are suitable for SG /cries

The photos I took can be found here
And some can be found on tumblr here

If you see yourself please do let me know~
I recommend you read [this tumblr post] by a friend of mine. 
He articulates almost everything I want to say about MCM Expo.
Here's [my tumblr post] about this Saturday as well for more detail.

Basically though? MCM was incredibly overcrowded, the staff was rude and pushy as usual and they essentially kettled us into the queue - and I'm more or less skipping Sunday because this was ridiculous and I need to recover. I've never had such a shockingly bad experience at expo. At this rate I don't think I want to go to the event again as a cosplayer. We might still try to get a table depending on how everyone else feels but at the risk of sabotaging business for us, I don't actually recommend anyone goes to MCM Expo again.

I'm sad, tired, and really upset with what I saw at the event yesterday. 
Given the choice I don't really want to give them any money.

Sorry for being such a downer, but I think more people need to talk about this because something really needs to change.

Thank you so much to those of you who dropped by at LFCC!

All of us at Strawberry Tentacles were really happy to have had such a wonderful con experience :'> 

Pictures of the event (and our cosplays from the days) will appear on my spam tumblr blog here :D

There's a lot of stuff that didn't sell so if you liked anything we sold you can maybe pre-order and pick stuff up at MCM expo in October to save on shipping. I'm also thinking about opening a Storenvy shop to sell the rest of the prints, charms and keychains - I'll post about it when it's ready! 

However, that might not be for a while because I'll be heading back to Australia and Singapore in mid-November to mid-January to see my parents and extended family for Christmas and New Year.

I'll be spending Nov-Dec in Canberra and Dec-Jan in Singapore, I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing but it will definitely give me a lot of time to work on maybe another original comic and on my artwork. I definitely want to squeeze in a longer trip to Sydney and meet up with people. Are there any events going on I should know about??? I think EOY is on the 15th but I think that's when I'm actually going to arrive in Singapore so welp :C

Skype/Msg me if you wanna plan something idk orz
I'll poke some of you soonish too but it's kinda busy rn because i need to finish some shit for october expo lmao sorry I've been so quiet u3u;;;


Maybe a little early, but celeyo, TinyRavenPoe and I will be selling things again at LFCC, along with a new member tumblr user cagayake |D. 

We will have a few new items so look out for them! I'll post previews here when they're ready.
( I haven't decided what to cosplay for LFCC yet, but we'll see! :'D )

If anyone has anything you'd like to see let me know? There's still some time left for to make a few more prints u3u


We don't have a table at MCM Expo but I'd love to meet up~ :>

If all goes well, I'll be cosplaying:
- Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa on Saturday 
- Kamiki Izumo from Ao no Exorcist on Sunday


Images: PostcardsKeychains, Straps, Pins
As I post this there are very few of the game of thrones keychains, Monobear/Catbug charms and Yume Nikki prints left. The Celes postcard is sold out. There's plenty of everything else though! (I have like a million IOU Sherlock apples I have no fucking idea why they sent me so many)
Postcards, Straps and Keychains 
(Madoka / Sherlock / Yume Nikki / .flow / Adventure Time / Game of Thrones / Dangan Ronpa / Bravest Warriors )
One for £3
Two for £5 
Five for £10
Pin Badges 
(Game of Thrones / Scott Pilgrim)
One for £2
Two for £3
(prices do NOT include shipping, sorry D: Royal Mail is awful atm )
Paypal only unless you're going to Hyper Japan later this month!
(do this it saves shipping :T) 

Hyper Japan

Tentative cosplay plans for Hyper Japan are Kanade (summer uniform) from Suite Pretty Cure on Friday and the Girl from the Two Breaths Walking Vocaloid PV on Saturday. I'm still undecided about Sunday but whatever happens I'll probably be hanging out with people cosplaying Saiyuki on that day. Hopefully see you there! /o/

Thanks ;A; hope I can shift some of these ;; 

LFCC has been great so far!!
Our table is opposite photo booth B, so do drop by and see us tomorrow if you're around!

Samples of everything we're selling can be seen here:…

Also, I'll be cosplaying moemura again tomorrow (without contacts, because the hours are pretty long and it's starting to take a toll on my eyes orz) u3u ;;
Prints and items that don't sell at LFCC will likely be available to buy online after this :D
I've been back in London for almost a month but it's been hideously busy for some reason so I haven't had time to update much. Australia was wonderful, I stayed with my parents and managed to do almost everything I wanted to do except spend a little longer in Sydney (but thanks fengsong and silverharmony for hanging out with me during the day! ;3; ) Singapore was a very short stop because my flights got changed up a bit, so I didn't get to see many people. I think I'll be flying out again around December if I can, since I haven't spent Christmas with my family for around two years.

I was at MCM Expo (MCM Comic Con now??) on all three days, though I didn't exactly plan for it, oops. Since so much has been going on, I haven't got any photos besides the stuff from my phone and on tumblr…  

Which brings me to another point: I will be sharing a table with celeyo and TinyRavenPoe at LFCC!!!! It will be my first time ever selling art at a con so I'm really looking forward to it as an experience! :D More information soon I think, we're still sorting things out.

If you have any tips / suggestions for prints I'd like to hear them o3o
I'm planning to go to Australia (Canberra) for two months and I'll be stopping off in Singapore on the 5th-7th March to break up the flight o3o. (I'll be stopping off again in May sometime as well on the way back.)

If anyone knows what there is to do in Canberra please enlighten me. I've heard there isn't much but I'd like to make the most of it orz;;; Maybe I'll be able to do a bit of travelling too though, I want to see more of the country.

Gotta pack aaah

Christmas Meguca Giveaway

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 4:29 PM

For the festive season, I'm doing a commissions giveaway on tumblr:…

Unfortunately it's tumblr only, but reblog + like and you could win one of the magical girl commissions ive been doing if you're interested u3u;;

It ends on the 6th of January so be quick!! ;;

I'm taking Magical Girl commissions!! details are here:

if you would prefer to contact me via dA you can:
:bulletred: NOTE me with your dA NAME + PHOTO + WISH (please make sure it is a CLEAR photo, and if your eye colour is not visible please tell me what it is, or I will make it up)

I will respond to you and then you can:

:bulletred: Send me US$20 via PAYPAL to email asakura.miyun[@]gmail[.]com making sure to include your dA username so I know who you are

I'll get back to you to let you know I've received the commission, and I'll try to get it done within two weeks.

Please LOOK AT THE NOTES/TERMS @ for more detail on what is involved.

If you can't afford one, a signal boost would also be really appreciated!! <3


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 5:04 AM
I'm still selling costumes with my friends here:…

You can pick them up at Hyper Japan in November :O It's really soon!!

I'll be making a big update soon and selling things like my Haruhi costume and some wigs!


Secondly, I got a subscription in a small contest so I've changed my username to match my art blog on Tumblr. I've been using "garbagebug" and "gomimushi" almost everywhere else so it seemed like a logical choice.

Hi guys, a friend of mine is helping me, rosiael and Lina-Lau to sell some costumes here:…

If you're interested in anything please note me or reply here / to the thread etc.

Everything available can be picked up at the October MCM Expo this month~

Thanks for looking if you do u3u